Mia Liu always uses paper to form her installation. Liu grow up in Taipei city, and trained in the San Francisco Art institute, B.F.A and Hunter College of The City University

Her debut work” I am Mia Liu” is a huge circle paper sculpture, made of the tickets of Guggenheim Museum titled “I am Mia Liu”.
During her Graduate School days, in order to make a living she worked as a conductress part time in the Guggenheim Museum. While she punched a hole in the visitor’s ticket, she wondered when the title of the tickets of Guggenheim Museum would be her solo exhibition. As the China artist Cai Guo-Qiang shown upstairs in the museum, she has her American Dream to become one of the following emerging China Artist after him.
Now that she transfers her dream into a huge circle paper sculpture. Her paper installation reminds us the tradition of Asian woman needlework but subtly crosses the border of woman needlework and fine art.
While some of the critics may be interested in such aspects of political elements in this work: institution critic of the museum, the social classification implication of the ticket, for her, to hand-make a art work with paper attract her more.
And afterall her dream is to be exhibited in Guggenheim Museum rather than to criticise the insitution. But now to weav her dream with paper installation may have paved the way for her to access the museum.
Here is the link of mia liu's flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/mialiu


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