Tsan-Cheng Wu is a sound artist in Taiwan. In 2006, in the Co6 art exhibition, (one of the invited curatorial projects selected by Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta,), he made his first sound art work named “Nightingale” at National Taiwan Fine Art Museum. This is a all-over-space sound installation. Thousands of year-phones were suspendered from the ceiling.
Each of them was connected to a amplifier which deal with the sound source recorded from the city where the exhibition took place, mixed with the ready-made noise. Because of the minifying of volume of the little earphones, the installation sounds like warm humming in nature open space. Different from the other sound artists from the Graduate school Technological art, Wu’s sound is more everyday. What he concerns about sound is not through analytical approach or to reconstructed digital sound , but to deal with how “parle” or sound in everyday life is treated in our daily life. Therefore sound is considered as a communication approach like literature, not abstract element in digital world.
Thus sound is considered culturally in his art.


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