a letter for a friend from Korea to recommend some art spot in Taipei

If they com to Taipei in November, first they must visit Tinakeng Gallery for our show. Somnambulism: Phantasmagoric Fugue (http://www.tinakenggallery.com/ ) 6/11-28/11/2010
It Park Gallery , an alternative space, used to be an art site any international curator visiting Taipei must visit. (http://www.itpark.com.tw/) Many active 80s artists had their solo show or debut show here in It Park Gallery. Almost each of Yuan Goang-Ming’s solo show happened here in IT Park Gallery.
Near IT Park Gallery, only 200 meter away, there are one artist-run space and one Indian gallery. The artist-run space is VT Gallery, which is Lounge Bar like gallery. Run by 8 contemporary artists including Yao Jui Chung and Darken. They use to be the CEO of the Gallery. (http://www.vtartsalon.com/) You can find young artist debut show here.
Indian gallery is Sakshi gallery
(http://www.sakshigallery.com.tw/about_us/index.php?language=_tw), an branch gallery of Sakshi in India.

During winter vacation, I think Taipei Biennial is still opening in Taipei Fine Art Museum. The topic is “Institution Critic”

Recently, a newly opening art site in Taipei attracts Contemporary art-lover’s attention. That’s Taipei Contemporary Art Center(TCAC) (http://www.tcac.tw/) which is organized by some key persons in Taipei Contemporary art, where art forum happen maybe once or twice a month. You may not find art exhibition there, but may meet some key person there. (If you are interested, make appointment before visit.)

Taipei Contemporary Art Center supported by a private Enterprise (http://www.museum-of-tomorrow.com/welcome/urbancore) Near Taipei Contemporary Art Center, the Enterprise also offers some space for other art organization like Open Contemporary Art Center (http://open-c.blogspot.com/). And if you are tired, urban Core Café is recommended for a cup of coffee.

Away from Taipei, in Taichung, there is National Taiwan Museum. of Fine Art (http://www.ntmofa.gov.tw/english/showinfomation1_1.aspx?SN=3013) 2010 Taiwan Biennial: Yes Taiwan is opening.


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